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The Sunrisers’ Mission Statement

Enrich our communities by providing wholesome, arts—based performances and educational opportunities for our youth and young adults, thereby creating experiences that build character, self—esteem, pride, leadership, motivation and teamwork — qualities that make well—rounded adults.

  •   The Sunrisers’   2013-2014   Fall & Winter Schedule   •  

September 23 rd, 2013

SunrisersNewsfeed Update
SunrisersThank Everyone For Their Support

The Sunrisers finished their season with a bang. After performing Sunday night at finals, the corps had mixed emotions. They wanted to honor their fans as well as DCA by performing, but they also wanted to compete. Every season we come so close but just miss out. Next year will be our year. We will do everything in our power to compete Sunday night in Rochester 2014. We did live up to our promise of being bigger and better so, next year it’s one more step on that proverbial ladder.
We would like to thank so many people for our success this season but I won’t name names for fear of leaving someone out. I will say thanks to our administration, even though small in numbers, who did a fantastic job of wearing many hats. I would like to thank our staff, whose tireless effort produce the show that had us in the position that made us satisfied that we performed that show the best that we could. We would like to thank our drivers, bus as well as trucks, who did a masterful job of getting to and from difficult locations all season with precision and professionalism. We must also thank our members who we really could not do without. They worked so hard through the heat and rain, and rehearsal conditions that were not always perfect, but they endured. I would like to send out a personal thank you to our webmaster, ‘Sedy’, of 16 years for all of his work on our website. I must thank all of our supporters and fans for their many years of devotion. The love you have shown this organization has helped us through many rough roads. Thank you all !!!
The Sunrisers will hold their Open House as usual on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, enjoy your winter and have a great holiday season!!

Nat Mazyck - Sunrisers’ Business Manager

August 27 th, 2013

SunrisersNewsfeed Update
SunrisersRehearsal Information For Annapolis, Maryland

Attention! Anyone going to Annapolis, Maryland to root on your Sunrisers during the DCA Labor Day Weekend: The corps will be rehearsing at Bestgate Park located at 716 Bestgate Road in Annapolis, Maryland on Friday, August 30 from approximately 10:00am to 6:00pm and on Saturday, August 31 from approximately 8:00am to 12:30pm.
The corps is going to maintain its effort to continue the Transportation Fund. It’s the Sunrisers’ way of having their supporters send donations to help waylay the extra cost of needing two buses for every upcoming event. The events are our remaining competitions and the championship weekend, which is a four day, three night event, and is very expensive. We really need your help! Please send donations to:

Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps
Post Office Box 552
Centereach, New York
11720 - 0552
The United States of America

All of us wanted the Sunrisers to grow… and we have… and so have our bills!

Nat Mazyck - Sunrisers’ Business Manager

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